Saturday, March 27, 2010


So this year, I had my first birthday entirely outside of Australia.  Last year nearly took that title, only I flew to Sydney that day, so I got about 6 hours there.  I wasn't really into a huge deal for my birthday this year, but Craig and Peter took over and planned some nice things. 

First of these was the cake!

This is apparently a Canadian tradition, to have an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Craig and Peter took it one step further, and drew the Mukmuk as a mountie design for them to put on the cake, which worked really well.  And they spelt my name right! 

The day was a glorious sunny day, so we took the cake down to the waterfront to eat.  A very nice way to spend a couple of hours, especially with the lovely warm sun!

Later on, we all went out for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  We were all pretty hungry, so we thought a large nachos would be good.  This is what we got...
Thankfully we were sharing that between four people.  And it was very very good :-)

After dinner, I got taken to a revolving bar which had the most amazing view!

This is looking down Robson St to the celebration centre.  They set of a giant light show down there every night during most of February.  There was also a public skating rink, and a zipline, and the mascots on ice show (more to come on that later)

And this is the Vectorial Lights, a big installation art piece put up for the Olympics.  The lights changed formation every seven seconds, and you could even go online and design your own formation.  Very beautiful to watch, and very hypnotic.  Even if Peter and Craig kept making bat signal jokes.

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