Sunday, May 2, 2010

Chinese New Year in Vancouver

This year Chinese New Year fell on February 14th, which turned out to be a beautiful sunny sunday in Vancouver.  Craig and I trooped off to Chinatown nice and early for the New Year parade. 

The parade started with an old man walking through the parade route throwing down firecrackers.  If there is one thing that the various CNY celebrations I have been to have in common, it would be the noise!  What amused us most was that the old man throwing down the crackers was followed by a young man with a fire extinguisher. 

Firecracker-thrower in training perhaps?

The King of Fortune, wishing everyone a happy new year.

The Chinese war veterans marched in the parade too.

Next came groups of dancers, going right from groups of five year olds to retirees.

All the different dancers were wearing costumes from the different minority groups in China.

There were also many lion dancers of all ages. 

The most famous foreigner in China.  Da Shan!  For those who haven't been to China, this guy is everywhere there.  He's been in multiple tv shows, works for Chinese TV , and has been the advertising face of a number Chinese companies.  AND he has perfect Chinese.

Craig was a bit bemused that I was so excited to see him, but certainly I wasn't as bad as some of the Chinese people.  He really is a celebrity there, and there were lots of people running up for photos with him looking a bit starstruck.

After a not so Chinese New Year style lunch of Cambodian noodles, we headed to the Chinatown cultural Centre to watch a kung fu performance.

This little one was one of the cutest little kids around.  She was totally enthralled in the kung fu, and I thought she was just so cute in her little red suit.

These kids were awesome!  Arse-kicking kids in pretty costumes

I think this little guy was the youngest of all the kung fu performers, but he was very serious about it.

This guy was the oldest of the performers.  It would have been interesting to see him go with a proper weapon, as the one he was using was pretty flimsy.

Lastly, this guy was the star of the show, jumping and kicking so high, and so fast. 

It was a lovely Chinese New Year, with an interesting Olympic flavour. 

Next stop...Olympic Fever!

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