Saturday, March 27, 2010

Victoria Bug Zoo

Possibly on of the stranger things to do in Victoria is visiting the Bug Zoo.  We had a few hours up our sleeves before our ferry back to the mainland, so the Bug Zoo seemed like the perfect place to check out before leaving. 

The have all sorts of interesting creepy crawlies.  I can't really remember many of the names now though.  Some of them were really pretty, some of them had too many legs, and some of them were a little too adventurous.

They have all sorts of stick and leaf insects.  I liked this one because it (she maybe) appeared to be smiling.

This is a centipede.  The centipede was one of the bugs that wasn't allowed out of its box, for the reason that it is rather poisonous and gives a painful bite. 

A very small huntsman, only about 5cm wide.  Craig had a bit of a giggle at this one, after the huge ones we were seeing at Grandma's last year.  We asked the guide, and she confirmed our suspicion that this one was just a baby.  I hope they'll get it a bigger box when it grows up!

Not entirely sure what this was, but it was a very pretty yabbie/lobster thing. 

SPIDER!  Can't remember which one this was, but I think it was the bird eating one.  Was bloody big anyway.

This one is a whip scorpion of some sort. 

This one was my favourite.  It's a very pretty grass hopper thing. 

This one is an Ecuadorian Purple Spider.  Another of the "not to be let out of the box" critter, because apparently, they jump. 

Here's me with a large and surprisingly heavy scorpion. 

And a tarantula.  Also surprisingly heavy!  And thankfully pretty docile.

 With a slightly adventurous stick insect

With a leaf insect

And finally, with a millipede.  I think this one was my least favourite, though still a pretty neat little creature.  The sensation of having him walk about on my hands was a little odd, something like being walked on by a bristle hair brush I guess. 

 When I said I was going to Victoria, my sister said I had to hold the tarantula, because that was the one she chickened out on.  So, I did that, and held all the other available ones too.  It was an interesting experience, but I won't be off to buy a pet tarantula any time soon!

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